• Tony, an Italian in love with Maria
  • Maria, a Hispanic in love with Tony
  • Bernardo, leader of the Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks
  • Riff, leader of the white immigrants gang, the Jets
  • Anita, Bernardo's girl
  • Graziella, Riff's girl
  • Action, Riff's second in command, takes over after Riff's death, falls in love with Anybodys
  • A-rab, Jet
  • Baby John, youngest Jet member
  • Other Jets: Diesel(stage)/Ice(movie), Gee-tar, Snowboy, Joyboy, Big Deal, Tiger, Mouthpiece
  • Chino, second-in-command of the Sharks, courts Maria, but Maria prefers Tony, takes over sharks after Bernardo's death
  • Other Sharks: Pepe, Indio, Loco, Juano, Luiz, Rocco, Toro, Nibbles, Chile
  • Anybodys, a tomboy trying to get into the Jets. Eventually does, falls in love with Action
  • Jet girls: Velma, Minnie, Clarice, Pauline
  • Shark girls: Estella, Margarita, Consuela, Rosalia, Francisca, Teresita
  • Doc, a candy store owner
  • Lieutenant Schranke and Officer Krupke, cops
  • Glad Hand, chaperone at the dance

Original Broadway ProductionEdit


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